Top posts of 2016


Now that the New Year is upon us, I figured I’d do a top posts round up of the top posts of 2016! I first want to thank all of you lovely people who have viewed, commented, liked, tweeted, posted on facebook, etc. I wouldn’t have top posts if you guys didn’t exist.

So, thank you!

Now, onto the posts.

Mid-Term and Finals Exam Survival Guide

Surviving mid-terms and finals are a huge stress that college students have. I remember trying to get through finals without bashing my head in a wall. I’ve compiled my best tips and advice

5 Habits Every 20-Something Should Have

So you’re all grown up and now you need to figure out how adulting works. I’ve got you covered with things you should probably know by now. If not, get working on it!

5 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College

Everyone has regrets from doing things in college, but do you ever see posts about what they regret not doing? There are things I wish I had done in college, and I’m letting you know before it’s too late.

6 Things I Learned From Being Unemployed

Being Unemployed sucks. I was there for over a year so I’ve experienced just about everything except being homeless. Take a peek if you want to get a heads up if you see unemployment in your future.

College & Minimalism: How They go Together and Why it’s Important

Minimalism and living a simple life is something incredibly beneficial to college students and people who want to just purge more material things. And considering a lot of people want to clear out their stuff after the new year, this is a great time to take a peak at this post.


Do you like these posts? Have a favorite that’s not listed? Let me know!

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