5 Things to Learn from Super Bowl LI


This year’s Super Bowl was probably the most nail-biting, intense, absolutely astounding football game I’ve ever seen. It will probably go down as the most historic super bowl game of all time. With the ridiculous come back, the assumed first half victory by Falcons fans, tying the game with seconds left… It’s left its mark.

There are so many things to take away from this game that I wanted to compile my favorites for you!

Nothing is set in stone

No matter how much you think something is going to be permanent, it won’t. Think you’ll be stuck in that job you hate? Or how about you feel like you’re not capable of going to college? Maybe it’s even being stuck living with toxic parents for the rest of your life. Nothing is  set in stone. And Super Bowl LI proves that.

The Falcons started off with a bang, making it a 14-0 game at one point. The largest deficit anyone had come back from in a super bowl had been 10. They went into the locker room trailing 21-3. If that doesn’t say “we’ve got this in the bag!” to all Falcons’ fans, then I don’t know what does.

But the Patriots did it. They made the second half a 31-0 run to win it all. So next time you think you’re stuck in a bad situation forever, think about that.

Everyone has a bad day (or half)

The ridiculousness that was the Patriots in the first half of the Super Bowl was just shockingly bad. Like, I think every Pats fan was just hanging their head in shame during that half. They just couldn’t do anything right.

I bet we’ve all had those days, or even weeks, where you’ve felt exactly like that. You feel like everything you do goes wrong, something causes problems, your day sucks. But that’s okay. It’s completely normal. Hell, if one of the best football teams in the country can have a bad day, you definitely can.

Positive Attitudes can change your life

Don’t believe it? That’s what was said during halftime in the Patriots’ locker room.

“He [Belichick] said that we have to keep doing what we’re doing, play like we know how to play and not think about what happened.” (source)

Malcolm Butler explained what he told his teammates at halftime: “I said, ‘This is the last one. Why not give it your all?’”

Just because shit hit the fan, doesn’t mean you have to stand in it. Having trouble at work or school? Take a small break, clear your head, then get back to what you were doing full force.

Sometimes life isn’t Fair

You think the Falcons are a little pissed that they blew a massive lead in the probably the most important game of their career so far? Just a bit. But sometimes life isn’t fair. You can do everything right and things will still turn out bad for you. But that’s okay. Things don’t always have to go your way. That’s how we learn things.

Learning to power through your problems and fixing them for next time is what’s most important in situations like these. I guarantee the Falcons will be a pretty tough team to beat next year. Who knows, maybe then they’ll earn their keep.

Never Give Up

Do you think the Patriots felt like wanting to roll over and go back to sleep in that weird dream of a first half? Probably. But you can’t just give up, and their determination proved that never giving up is sometimes the best. I’m sure you’ve had moments where you’ve wanted to just quit your job, or drop out of school because things got too hectic. Did you power through it or did you succumb to your feelings?

I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve felt like just quitting jobs on the spot. I didn’t like the work, or how I was treated as a errand bitch at the job, but I knew that I needed the money and it had taken me such a long time just to find a job in the first place since entry level employment isn’t exactly common where I am without a specialty.


Have any other lessons you learned from this year’s super bowl?  Let me know! Write a comment or hit me up on social media!

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