8 Things to Remember When Creating Your Resume

8 Things to Remember When Creating Your Resume

Creating your resume is hard work if  you want to do it right. Having the best resume you can have will up your chances for landing interviews and eventually jobs, and with the way jobs are becoming harder to find, especially as a new graduate or in entry-level positions. According to a study on EPI.com, 

In March 2015, the overall unemployment rate was 5.5 percent, and the unemployment rate of workers under age 25, at 12.3 percent, was 2.2 times as high…the Class of 2015 will join a sizable backlog of unemployed college graduates from the last six graduating classes (the classes of 2009–2014) in a difficult job market.

That’s not good no matter which way you look at it, and with so many other people competing for jobs, you’re going to need to have a top notch resume to help you along.

Here are my tips to remember when creating your resume: