The Ultimate Resume Survival Guide: Overview


The Ultimate Resume Survival Guide: Resume Overview

Finding a job is tough. Writing a resume is hard work. I know. I’ve been both unemployed and working in the recruiting field dealing with resumes every day. I’ve compiled the best tips and advice I can think of to create a master survival guide for writing a resume.


5 Things to Remember When Job Searching

5 Things to Remember When Job Searching 9.14.47 PM


Job searching is tiring, maddening, and at times just all out frustrating. Between the overall amount of jobs to sort through, the scam jobs that float around pretending to be genuine opportunities and not to mention having to fill in all of your information AFTER uploading your resume.

I know, I’ve been there. I spent the first 5 months after graduation looking for employment and suffered a job loss almost two years later that left me unemployed for over a year.

Finding a job can be hard, but if you’re prepared for it, it does get easier.