Post Round Up May 4, 2017


30 Netflix shows for a rainy day (Rebekah Blogs): Who doesn’t need a list of Netflix shows to watch?

4 Must-Have Items for College Dorm Rooms (Happy Student Life): These are some serious must-haves! I had all but one thing on the list when I was in college.

How to Make Class Enrollment Less Stressful (Macarons & Mascara): Signing up for classes was always a stressful time for me. Fighting to sign up for your necessary classes first before they were full caused more than one stress binge.

Advice from a Double Major (The Wise Willow): If you need some insight on being a double major, look no further.

19 Things I’ve Learned in 19 Years (Just Gigi): After 19 years of life, Gigi gives 19 things she’s learned along the way.