#PostRoundUp ft @clingel599, @itsveryerin, @fempotential, & Macarons & Mascara

10 Date Night Ideas – on the cheap! (Life with C): Dates don’t have to be expensive and a lot can actually be free! Whether you’re a frugal millennial or a broke college student, these date ideas are great for anyone low on cash and high on romance.

How to Practice Self-Care in the Winter (Very Erin): It can be tough remembering to take care of yourself in the winter. Things get a lot darker earlier and grey-er as the winter really starts to roll in with the snow. Seasonal Depression is a thing, but remembering to practice self care is a big part of staying sane.

Deciding Who You Want to Be Post 2016 Election (FEMpotential): This election season was one hell of a ride. A lot of people feel that this is a pivotal moment in US history. Bigotry may rise, but what are you going to be?

How to Write a Kickass Paper in College (MACARONS & MASCARA): As a former English major, I can tell you how annoying writing papers can get. But if you’re not writing a paper about everything you’ve ever talked about in class, these tips can help you write a paper you’re proud of.