LBTY Post Round Up


4 Ways to Prepare for an Interview (A Wonderer’s Adventures): Interviews are probably the most crucial part of the job searching process besides making sure your resume lands you that interview. Check out these tips on how to nail that interview and land the job!

5 #GirlBoss books to get through your quarter-life crisis (Absolutely Azanique): Quarter-life crisis’s are a real thing! It’s not just middle-aged, balding men who buy sports cars that get all the fun of panicking in a new era of life. Check out these 5 books to get you through your quarter-life crisis.

Benefits of Positive Thinking + How I Do it (My Little Box of Tricks): Positive thinking is a lot more powerful than you think. You never know how a few thoughts can change your day. Click here to read about one blogger’s way of thinking positive and how you can benefit from it too.

How to Choose a Major that Suits You (College with Caitlyn): Choosing a major when you’re not 100% sure can be one of the most nerve wracking things of you college career. Choosing the wrong major and hating what you’re studying can really take a told on your life. Check out this post on how to help figure out which major is best for you.

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