Post Round Up: April 27th 2017

How to Leverage Your Side Hustles and Advance in Your Career (A Millennial’s Guide to Life): Making a little extra money is always a good thing. Using those side hustles to help you in your career? Extra awesome.

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity for Students & Productivity Workbook (Students Toolbox): Wanting to be productive and figuring out how to make that happen are two hugely different things. Students Toolbox has you covered with a guide AND a workbook!

3 Tips to Furnish on a Budget (Rebekah Blogs): One of the biggest pains of living on your own for the first time is definitely furnishing your first apartment. Most people tend to go straight to IKEA. It’s simple, cheap, and easy to assemble. But there are other ways to furnish and figure out when and how to budget.

How to Effectively Juggle a Job in College (College with Caitlyn): This was something I never even attempted. I’m terrible at handling stress. So I’m leaving all the college and job juggling to Caitlyn.

How to Set Up the Perfect Class Schedule (Letters from Sunshine): I always made my schedules so classes didn’t go over 5pm. That left me free to do my pep band/basketball thing, and my mind would shut off around then. Figure out how to schedule for you.