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10 Date Night Ideas – on the cheap! (Life with C): Dates don’t have to be expensive and a lot can actually be free! Whether you’re a frugal millennial or a broke college student, these date ideas are great for anyone low on cash and high on romance.

How to Practice Self-Care in the Winter (Very Erin): It can be tough remembering to take care of yourself in the winter. Things get a lot darker earlier and grey-er as the winter really starts to roll in with the snow. Seasonal Depression is a thing, but remembering to practice self care is a big part of staying sane.

Deciding Who You Want to Be Post 2016 Election (FEMpotential): This election season was one hell of a ride. A lot of people feel that this is a pivotal moment in US history. Bigotry may rise, but what are you going to be?

How to Write a Kickass Paper in College (MACARONS & MASCARA): As a former English major, I can tell you how annoying writing papers can get. But if you’re not writing a paper about everything you’ve ever talked about in class, these tips can help you write a paper you’re proud of.

Drinking Responsibly From an Alcoholic

Drinking in college is almost a rite of passage, but not everyone knows how to drink responsibly. Check out these drinking tips from a former binge drinker

How to Drink Responsibly: From an Alcoholic

Yeah, it’s something that’s talked about all over the place. You can google college and drinking and get thousands of articles about the dangers of binge drinking and how it’s detrimental to your health. I could tell you all about that, but it’s not going to matter.


Because it’s like smoking, or doing drugs, if someone wants to try it, they’re going to try it. And if someone really likes doing whatever it is they’re doing, then a silly little blog post won’t make a difference. I’m going to give you some pointers on what to do as a freshman on  a college campus if you want to go out and party.

(Please note that I don’t condone underage drinking)


Post Round Up Nov. 4th

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How To Kick Ass During The Academic Final Countdown (The Happy Arkansan): The last few weeks of the semester can be really tough. Making sure you have all of your final papers, exams, and assignments are all done, handed in and studied for can get a bit overwhelming. The Happy Arkansan has a guide on how to keep everything under control.

Why Everyone Should Journal & How to Start One (College With Caitlyn): Journaling was what kept me sane in my younger years and definitely comes in handy still. I’m a huge notebook nerd and love finding the perfect pen. But nothing beats being able to offload your problems and stresses onto a piece of paper.

3 Essential Tips for Staying Productive After a Long Day (The Cosmic Road): Ever notice how you’re super productive when you’ve got a lot going on, but tend to hit a slump when you actually have the time to get things done? The Cosmic Road has you covered with how to stay productive.

How to Deal with Toxic Friendships (Endless May): Not every friendship is going to be healthy and unfortunately sometimes they end up being toxic. They can be hard to identify from within, but Endless May has a great post on how to identify and deal with a potential toxic friendship

4 Adult Lessons You Learn When Living Off Campus (Simply Being Kim): Living off campus is a huge step in adulting. Learning to live on your own without the safety net of campus living is crucial to becoming an independent adult.

How to Live Through Flu Season (Without Getting the Flu)

How to Live Through Flu Season (Without Getting the Flu)

How to Live Through Flu Season (Without Getting the Flu)

Flu season is upon us, and with all these different strains of the flu running around recently, it’s best to keep a more pro-active approach if you’re worried about getting sick. College is a cesspool of germs and creates a great environment to grow and infect. There’s hundreds of people squished together, worried more about where they’re going, and what they’re doing than whether the guy next to them is coughing or sniffling a bit more than usual.

Same for work environments. Offices are a great way to spread germs. Ever have a bug go around the office? Same concept. Warm environments with multiple hosts make germs very happy.

But what if you want to kick the flu and general sickness in the ass this season? Well, I’ve come up with some tips that I use (I’m prone to getting sick) to help you stay on top of your health.

**Disclaimer: Anything short of living in a bubble presents a risk of falling ill. Following these steps might decrease your chances but does not claim to prevent sickness overall.


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4 Ways to Prepare for an Interview (A Wonderer’s Adventures): Interviews are probably the most crucial part of the job searching process besides making sure your resume lands you that interview. Check out these tips on how to nail that interview and land the job!

5 #GirlBoss books to get through your quarter-life crisis (Absolutely Azanique): Quarter-life crisis’s are a real thing! It’s not just middle-aged, balding men who buy sports cars that get all the fun of panicking in a new era of life. Check out these 5 books to get you through your quarter-life crisis.

Benefits of Positive Thinking + How I Do it (My Little Box of Tricks): Positive thinking is a lot more powerful than you think. You never know how a few thoughts can change your day. Click here to read about one blogger’s way of thinking positive and how you can benefit from it too.

How to Choose a Major that Suits You (College with Caitlyn): Choosing a major when you’re not 100% sure can be one of the most nerve wracking things of you college career. Choosing the wrong major and hating what you’re studying can really take a told on your life. Check out this post on how to help figure out which major is best for you.

Mid-Term and Finals Exam Survival Guide

Mi-Term & Finals Exam Survival Guide

Mid-Term and Finals Exam Survival Guide

Once again it’s exam time. You’re stuck inside, studying, while you rather be outside playing in snow, watching TV, catching up on your gaming… Pretty much anything other than study. I know first hand how obnoxious finals can be when they don’t include your basic memorization. Writing papers sucks when all of your classes require them.
Before you can settle in with your notes, armed with cans of energy drinks and index cards, you have to figure out the best way for you to study. To figure out the best way for you to study, you need to figure out how you learn.