An Introduction to Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships 

Toxic relationships are something that most of us come across in our lives. They’re the people that drain our energy, our self-esteem and make us uncomfortable and insecure with ourselves. That includes everyone from friends, and family, to co-workers and intimate partners. If you have any sort of consistent interaction with someone, you can consider that a relationship.

Relationships usually don’t start out as toxic. More often than not, everything seems really normal for a while and things slowly progress to the point where all of a sudden you find yourself cowering in the corner as your mother, father, boyfriend, etc. is going on a yelling rampage and throwing things around the house. It’s what makes victims of abuse less likely to come forward because some times they don’t realize or don’t want to realize what’s going on.

Abuse Comes in a Cycle

Cycle of Abuse
Photo via Montpelier Police Department


It’s a vicious cycle unless it’s stopped, but noticing these signs are a lot harder from the inside. But sometimes you can take notice before it becomes a problem.

Signs of Toxic Relationships

  • Insults in the form of “constructive criticism”
  • Beat down your self esteem
  • Controlling who you can talk to, where you can go, etc.
  • Restrict your communication to the “outside” world
  • Don’t take responsibility for their own actions
  • Physical Abuse
  • Always have to be the victim
  • Talking about people behind their backs
  • Starting petty arguments
  • Having to be the center of attention
  • Being “jealous” of your relationships with other people
  • Claiming said jealousy is just them loving and caring for you
  • Passive aggression
  • Trying to buy your love or forgiveness

There are many ways toxic people can show their true colors, but the main thing I want you to take away, is that if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, insecure, scared, or overall not yourself, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship.

If you or someone you know is having issues with a toxic person or even dealing with an abusing relationship, you can find some useful links below.

One last thing I want to remind you is that toxic people can be your family. It could be your parents, your sister, your uncle, cousins, whatever. Toxicity and abuse isn’t limited to friends and relationships.


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