Existential Crises You’ll Go Through Before You’re 30

Everyone has times in their life when they’re confused, scared, and have no idea what to do. Welcome to the world of the existential crisis! There are a few moments you’ll go through these moments before you hit 30 and I’m here to lay them out for you so you can be prepared!

 Existential Crises You'll Go Through Before You're 30


Post High School/Pre-College Crises

Some people may have a bit of a crisis about this. I was more than excited to get away from my hometown and my family for a bit, so I wasn’t too much worried about things until I got there and figured it out for myself. But not everyone is so lucky.

If you’ve come from a smaller town or even a close-knit town, it may be a huge change going off to college somewhere bigger, with more freedom, and a very different structure. You’ll be on your own for the first time, and that can be scary for some people. I always looked at it as a “pre-adulthood” experiment. You get a taste of freedom before you’re given ALL of the responsibilities one living on their own as a fully grown adult. If you’ve never had responsibilities, here’s your chance to get the hang of it.

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Mid-College Existential Crises

Somewhere mid to late college, you’ll come to the realization that time is slowly approaching graduation. Some people panic, some embrace the new chapter of their life, some choose to continue their schooling to push off entering the “real world”.You’ll probably start thinking (or panicking, depending on your style of dealing with things) about your future: where you’ll live, where you’ll work, when should you start looking for apartments? How about jobs? Should you have done that internship you heard about last year?

I’m sure more than one of those will go swirling through your head when the time comes.

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Post-College Crises

You’ve graduated college… Now what?

Yeah… If you graduate without a clear cut future, you might just find yourself sitting on the floor of your first apartment, drinking a bottle of wine and stealing internet from your neighbor who didn’t lock their wireless connection to watch “The Mentalist” or something… maybe that was just me.

Existential Crises You'll Go Through Before You're 30

But there can be a rush of emotions once you settle in, before you start your first “adult” job, right when you realize you’re finally alone, that you’re fully responsible for your livelihood, that you’re the only person you can count on. Sure, you may have family that can help out if you need, but if you’re responsible and are looking for independence, financial or otherwise, there’s a feeling of a fresh start, that you’re on your own, and that’s okay.

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Mid-20’s Crises

This usually starts to creep up once friends start getting into a serious relationship, getting engaged, having babies, getting married… If you’re single, or not ready to settle down, it can be quite a downer to watch as time goes by and all of your friends and acquaintances are posting photos of all those life events you haven’t hit yet. I’m slowly coming out on the other side of this era. A lot of my friends or former classmates are married and on their way to either their first or second kid. The going out and getting plastered drunk every weekend has been replaced with staying in and being more productive or even going to sleep before you used to even head out the door.

The more you watch people in and around your life get engaged, married, and/or have children, the more it can hit you. There’s also the societal pressures where once you’ve reached whatever age is deemed acceptable, you’re bombarded with the “When are you getting married?”, “When are you going to settle down?”, “When are you having kids?”.

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Almost 30 Crises

This is the one I’m currently going through. I’m heading into 28 and well, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. But I’m hitting the first big milestone of my age. Thirty.

There’s a presumption that you should have your life together by now and know who you’re marrying,  if you’re having kids, have a stable and lucrative job… If you don’t have those parts of your life sorted out, it can feel like things are slowly spiraling out of control. You desperately search the internet for advice on things. Like, how to find your passion, what to do when you figure that out, how to work and not hate your job… It’s the realization that you’re not getting any younger and you have no idea what’s going on.

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Have you experienced any of these? Have any tips you want to share? 


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  • Shelby Stover

    This is actually pretty cute and accurate. I’ve gone through like four panic moments of where is my life going/changing- great post!