4 Ways to Handle the Work-Life Balance


Balancing your life with school or work is something that can be a bit tricky if you’re not the best with time management. Making sure you have enough time to get your work done as well as not holding up in your room because you’re too tired to go out or socialize is crucial to maintaining a good work-life balance.

There are ways to make sure you don’t burn yourself out or favor one side over the other.

First you need to see how good or bad your work-life balance is. 

Do you:

  • Feel tired and agitated after work or school
  • Have no desire to socialize with friends and family
  • Seem to have no time to get all of your work/chores done
  • Have a pile up of things to do that never get done
  • Get annoyed or aggravated easier than usual
  • Hate your job or school work to the point of neglect
  • Have had more than one all-nighter

If you’ve said yes to one or more of those, there’s a chance you might be having issues with work-life balance.


How to Handle the Work-Life Balance

Slow Down

Ever notice how you’re always rushing around? Or maybe it’s that you’re trying to get more things done in a day than conceivably possible. Either way, slowing yourself down will drastically help with the work-life balance.


By slowing down, you can give each task the proper thought it needs. It also helps you get everything done right the first time. Most of the time when I’m rushing to do something, it gets half-assed and then I end up having to spend more time fixing it.

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Make a To-Do List

Don’t just make a to-do list, list things by priority. What is considered a priority is up to you. It can be by urgency or importance, both or something else completely. I tend to list mine with both. The things that are due withing the day or next day are ranked with how important they are to get done. For example, if I need to pay my bills and do some laundry, the bills go first. While clean clothes are necessary, if I don’t pay the rent, I won’t have a place to live.

Make a to-do list every morning or the night before. That way throughout the day you know what needs to be done and what can be put off for a less stressful time.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes we get too engulfed in things and need an perspective. Taking a step back to see things from a different light can be beneficial in so many ways. When we get too sucked into our own lives, it’s hard to see what the problem really is.

Finances are a good example of this. Say each month you know you only buy the necessities, but somehow end up over budget all the time. What do you do? Keep every receipt for an entire month and at the end, go over everything. See what you’re buying, how much it costs and if there is anything you can eliminate. More often than not there’s something you can tweak to get things going again. Do the same with your life. There’s probably something that’s dragging you down that you don’t really need to do.

Take a Break

Every once in a while you need to just take a break and remove yourself from stress. Having a vacation, or winter break, or taking the weekend to go away can do wonders for work-life balance. Sometimes all you need to do is turn your phone off, don’t answer your email, and spend some time doing what you want to do over what you feel you need to do.

As someone with limited time off, I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because they come with free days off. I get the chance to take a break from work and energize.


Overall, the work-life balance you keep is up to you! You need to figure out what works best for you and how to take advantage of that.

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