College Senior Adulting Guide to the Second Semester

College Senior Adulting Guide to the Second Semester

Your second semester of your senior year is one of the most crucial times in your college career. It’s the time where you need to figure out what you’re doing with your life after you graduate. It’s the time to get a resume together if you already haven’t, figure out where you’re going to live, work, and how you’re going manage your time on your own. In a sense, adulting is hard.

Making sure you have most if not all of these things completely figured out before you don that cap and gown should be you top priorities besides your schooling.

Where You’ll Live

Knowing where you’ll live after college is a big step to adulting. Your first two options are moving back in with your parents, or finding a place of your own. If you choose to move back home, you have everything basically already figured out.

But, if you choose to move out and either stay in the state you went to school in or are lucky enough to have a job prospect at the ready, you need to look into housing.

There are many places to look for apartments:

Those are a few of the ones I’ve used in looking for apartments. Don’t forget looking to move in with someone who already has an apartment or finding a friend who plans on living in the same area and getting a place together.

Where You’ll Work

Working is the most important thing you’ll need while being an independent graduate in the big, scary, adulting world.. You need to be able to pay your bills, right? There are a multitude of places you can find job postings just online.

These are just a few of the general sites to find jobs:

But don’t forget about you university/college! They most likely have some kind of career success center where they can help you with your job search. My university also has its own job board where they cater to the university students.

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How You’ll Get That Job

This is something I’m very familiar with. Your resume is the most important part of your job search (besides your cover letter). You need to figure out how to fit all your skills, techniques, experience, and highlights onto the minimal amount of pages to submit to a hiring manager. This is one of the major pieces of adulting that you should have figured out once, then all you have to do is continue to update it.

I’ve put together my posts on resumes for your convenience:

The most important things to remember when creating your resume is to make it as specific as possible without going into extreme detail. Most entry level jobs would probably prefer a 1 page resume, 2 page at most.

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How You’ll Manage Time

Managing your time as a newly independent graduate can be hard. You’ve gone from a more structured setting where things are always set, to the potential of work hours being flexible, having to fit in social interaction, making appointments for other professional services (say, doctors) and making sure you have enough sleep to do everything all over again the next day.

There are many apps that can help you manage your time like:

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Have any other ways for adulting better? Let me know! Write a comment or hit me up on social media!

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