[A] Little Birdie Told You (phrase):

  1. a website with a plethora of information for your everyday needs as a college or post-college aged person. “little birdie told you is a great place for adulting tips!”


Little Birdie Told You

Little Birdie Told You is what my former blog should have been. I love to help people, but my passion is writing, so what to do? Create a community where I can use my experiences in and after college to help those in that situation. I’ve dealt with a bunch of different issues, including depression, alcoholism, a full college schedule, making friends as an introvert and more.

My main goal with this blog is to help people who are in a tricky time in their life: their 20s. I’ll give personal accounts mixed with thorough research to figure out tips, advice and helpful tricks to survive one of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life. It’s tough being an adult, and sometimes you just don’t want to do it.

LBTY has hopes to help that incoming freshman, confused on how college works or that recent grad who doesn’t exactly know how to write a résumé that will get them a job. Let Little Birdie Told You be that tiny fairy godmother that helps you through the beginnings of being an adult.

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