6 Ways to Make Your Summer More Productive

6 Ways to Make Your Summer More Productive

Now that you’re home for summer break, what do you do? You’ve gone from a constant stream of knowledge being thrown at you from every angle, to nothing. If you’re like me and relaxation is hard, then you’re going to want to do something productive with your time. I mean, you’ve got a whole three months away from school, or if you’re a recent graduate, however long until you find/start your new job.

1. Coursera.com (or similar)

Here you can find interesting courses to take. I know the last thing some of you want to do after leaving school is do more school, but taking something that’s not related to anything you studied could be fun. You could take a nutrition course, or a personal finance course. There are so many places offering free courses that you could find just about anything you want.

2. Travel

Who doesn’t want to see more of the world? With the time at hand, traveling is a big thing during the summer. I know many people who took road trips during their summer break. Don’t have the money to go on a cross-country adventure? Find new places to go in or around where you’re living. There’s bound to be places you just haven’t been to, or haven’t been to in a while.

3. Local Classes

Most towns hold free or cheap classes in more practical skills. I get a book in the mail every so often from the local community college that has classes offered to the public. Most are geared towards older people looking to learn computers or more basic things. But you may have a cooking class or knitting class you could take advantage. Libraries might also offer classes. Take advantage when you can.

4. Read 

As a former English major I know what it’s like to have to read throughout the year. I always told myself that once I took a break from reading altogether I would start reading again. I had a few spurts where I read the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but nothing like I’ve wanted to. I’ve lost my spark for reading and picked up a love for YouTube… But you can bring books everywhere! Going to a park? You can totally read on a bench. At the beach? Nothing like sitting in the sun with a good book. Poolside? Grab a fancy drink to cool down and pick up that book.

5. Find a job

This is easier said than done, but if you have an old job that would take you back for a few months, or have a relative with a shop that could use some extra help, money is always a good option. Need help with your job search? I’ve got you covered.

6. Volunteer

Can’t find a job or not looking for something less demanding? You can always volunteer, and now you don’t even have to leave your own home. There are plenty of online volunteering options.


Do you have any other ways to be productive during the summer? Let me know in the comments!